Top CNC Plasma and Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in India 2021

MultiTherm Pro is the latest Gantry based CNC plasma cutting machine offering from Messer. Its Industry 4.0 Ready and it helps to achieve higher productivity with 24 m/min positioning speed and Acceleration 0.04g. High accuracy with Digital AC Servo motor & planatory gear box. MultiTherm Pro has robust gantry with LM guides in Y-axis ensures stable and reliable cutting. MultiTherm Pro is compatible for compact Plasma bevel head (Bevel R) for weld preparation parts. The user-friendly control Global Control speeds set-up and reduces errors and non-productive times. Patented ALFA torch for oxyfuel cutting, comes with quick nozzle change for higher productivity. The efficient design of the wheel-housing combined with positive longitudinal drives ensure high stability. This is ultimate automatic gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine from the house of Messer.


Positioning speed 24 m/min & acceleration 0.04g helps to reduce cycle time.

Digital servo AC drives with precision gear boxes in X & Y axis.

Robust beam with LM guides to ensure superior cut quality.

Compact in design and fully concealed cables & hoses.

Automatic gas regulation system – Eliminates manual intervention for setting the gas flow.

Symmetric wheel housing design & parking space for unused torches increases the cutting width.

Reliable height control for longer nozzle life and high-quality cuts.

Messer hole technology for accurate inner contours.

Should You Put Window Treatments on Your Skylights?

Window treatments are perfect for blocking the sun’s glare and heat

When you have a skylight sometimes the sun’s glare and heat can be a problem. Because of this it is best to cover any skylights you have with window treatments since these are great at blocking the sun’s glare and heat. Roller shutters in Sydney are quite popular for this purpose.

They also help to keep your home cool in the summertime

Summertime in Australia can be very difficult. Adding window coverings to skylights can also help to keep your home cooler in the summertime.

By covering skylights with window treatments such as affordable blinds in Sydney, you can make sure that they are not letting heat into your room during the hot months of the year. This will help to keep your home much cooler allowing it to be more comfortable inside.

The best type of window treatment for this is a roller blind in Sydney homes, since they are very easy to use, inexpensive and work well at keeping out light as well as blocking heat from entering through them. These blinds come in many different colours too which make them perfect if you want something that matches or goes nicely with other decor features within your room. They also have an adjustable cord so you can control how open or closed these blinds are depending on the heat or light that you want coming in.

You can use curtains, shades, or blinds on your skylights to suit your needs

You may be wondering what else is available for skylight coverings? Well, another great option would be cotton curtains. Just like roller shades, these are highly affordable options compared to more expensive ones such as wooden blinds which create a more formal and elegant look. The cotton curtains are just as great because they let the same amount of light in but also prevent glare and heat.

Another thing you can use to cover your skylights is roof window awnings. These come in many different colours, shapes and sizes so it’s easy for anyone to find one that fits their home decor perfectly. One advantage these have over roller shades or traditional curtains would be how simple they make opening a closing them. They only require you to lift up the top part which easily tilts open when needed. You don’t need any cords or anything else like with other types of blinds or curtains since all you do is push down near the base if you want these closed instead of open, hence they are very easy to use.

Whatever type of window treatment you choose for your skylight, it’s important to make sure you pick one that is compatible with the material of your skylight. You might want something like a sheer white curtain or maybe even blackout curtains for those times when extra light isn’t wanted, but no matter what, it looks great due to its style and simplicity of use.

There are many different types of window treatments available at home improvement stores these days which makes it easy for anyone to put some on their own windows without needing professional installation. Roller shades made from fabric would likely be best if you have metal windows since they won’t obstruct any additional natural sunlight coming in. However, wooden blinds can look excellent too so this all depends on preference as well as how much money you’re willing to spend to cover your skylight.

You should always use window treatments for your skylights if you want to have a home that looks great and offers some privacy as well. It’s easy enough to do on your own which will save you money in the long run too. Roller shades made from fabric would likely be best since they won’t obstruct any natural sunlight coming in but wooden blinds can look excellent as well depending on preference as well as how much money you’re willing to spend. Whatever the type of window treatment, it will surely add some style to your home for sure!

Things That Fail a Home Inspection and How to Prevent Them

Some things that may fail a home or building inspection in Sydney include:

The property is missing key documentation, like a certificate of occupancy or an inspection report. Without these documents you will be unable to obtain the necessary financing for your home purchase.
There are outstanding issues with water damage in basements and attics that may lead to mould growth if left untreated. If there was significant flooding it could also mean structural problems with the foundation. Make sure that any leaks have been repaired before moving forward on purchasing this property.
Electrical wiring does not meet local codes, which can cause hazardous conditions throughout the house, especially if outlets have no ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). You should never move into a new home without having all electrical components inspected by a professional electrician first.
Structural issues such as loose or cracked beams, uneven floors that indicate foundation problems and the presence of mould can all lead to a failed inspection.
Ventilation issues such as problems with the furnace, air conditioner and duct system can cause a home inspection fail if not fixed.
Pest problems such as termite infestations, rodents, cockroaches and other bugs can cause a home inspection fail if not handled.

If any one of these issues is detected, then it’s important that they’re taken care of promptly because failing an inspection will affect both your purchase agreement with the seller and their ability to sell the house within a reasonable amount of time, which could ultimately mean losing thousands on down payment money.

How can you ensure that you don’t fail a home inspection?

Make sure all the outlets in your home are working.
Make sure all the outlets in your home are working. This is very important because it’s shocking to find out after buying a new house that none of the electrical outlets work. Make sure they’re all functional before signing off on any paperwork, this will save everyone time and money down the road if inspections discover these issues later on.

Replace any broken light bulbs or fixtures.
Replacing any broken light bulbs or other fixtures before an inspection is very important. If they’re not fixed, it can lower the value of your property in an instant, and if you want to sell this house later on that’s definitely something you will have to deal with eventually.

It’s much easier just to fix these issues before anyone sees them than risk having a home inspector notice anything wrong when there are no lights working or that fixtures are broken. This will make sure everything looks well maintained which increases the chances someone might actually buy it.

Ensure there is no mould anywhere in your home.
Check for mould growth everywhere in your home. This is very important, and can be a big red flag for an inspector if they see it (plus the health risks mould brings to you and your family). If you do have any spots of mould just scrape them out with a screwdriver or something similar – don’t try scrubbing it off as that will disturb the spores more than anything.

You will want to clean up all clearly visible traces of this fungi before taking on another inspection so there’s no chance anyone might notice when walking through the door. This isn’t quite as easy during winter time either because it makes seeing where there may be hidden leaks even harder too, but at least storage spaces like under sinks are easier to check over.

Check for water damage on ceilings and walls, as well as leaking pipes.
Water damage can be a real problem during a home inspection, hence why it’s one of the top reasons for getting a failed pre-purchase inspection report in Sydney, but if you can spot leaks before they take hold then that will help prevent this.

Repair for any cracks in the foundation of your house.
Repairing any crack in the foundation can mean that you won’t have any issues with the home inspector finding major problems in your home. This is important because you don’t want to have any issues with the inspector when they are inspecting your house.

Fix leaky faucets and clogged drains to prevent a bigger problem down the line.
Fixing leaky faucets can be very easily done yourself, even if you are not a plumber. Fixing clogged drains can be done as well with just the proper tools. Don’t forget that this gives you more money in your pocket when it comes time to repair bigger issues down the line.

Effective Recruiting Strategies to Drive Revenue Growth in Your Direct-Sales Organization

Many business ventures provide an opportunity to grow your business by adding sales representatives or marketing consultants etc. There is much to be said about the opportunity to garner high-revenue yields when building a direct sales organization however there is a popular temptation that aims to derail the focus of a successful duplication strategy and dooms over 95% of those involved.

Quality Over Quantity

Most of those in old school MLM and Network Marketing opportunities were (and are still) taught to over-sell potential benefits and promote inaccurate expectations of the business to anyone and everyone, regardless of ability or skill set, with the goal of purely adding numbers. This is motivated by the erroneous belief that headcount equals growth. A challenge quickly presents itself when they realize that an increase in organizational size through this recruiting methodology does not typically equate to an increase in organizational revenue, which after all, is truly the yardstick we use to measure the success of any organization. It does in turn create an organization of needy underachievers that eat away at your time and suck the energy out of your ability to grow and lead.

This also rings true for any business or corporation attempting to grow its sales force. Achieving ultimate recruiting success relies heavily on the ability to duplicate a proven, effective business system with the strategically selected high-effort entrepreneurial individuals who will drive the business as passionately as you do. It is the only way to ensure the long-term revenue growth of your organization.

Regain Your Leverage – Don’t Be Desperate

This can only occur if we are able to attract and then quickly evaluate a candidate’s skill and ability early on in the process. What I am saying is that you need to become discerning about who it is you desire to bring into your organization. Accurately doing so is vital not only to estimating how much coaching time and effort the prospective candidate will require in order to independently drive their business, but also how to best go about equipping, empowering and training them in a way that best unlocks their potential. What we’re really vying for here is to effectively identify those high-effort individuals who can quickly assimilate and implement what has been taught.

Effort Is The Key

When I’ve consulted with hiring managers of corporations, I would teach that they must identify each of their teams’ personality types in order to effectively communicate, instruct and empower each to get the results they desired. However, in a direct sales model a novice really doesn’t need this tool in their tool kit to be successful because what I want my team to do is purely empower and manage effort….that’s it. I have found that since effort is the key ingredient here, I can teach a less experienced individual how to focus on identifying and managing effort quite easily.

In these situations, my goal is to prevent my team wasting time on those that will not provide a good ROI, which is a big complaint that I hear because it is a stumbling block for so many. The second biggest complaint I hear is creating value for the training effort and help you provide them. Much like a child, if value is not established for your time from the beginning they will continue with that perspective and be habitually needy.

The other shortfall to catering to that mindset is that in the end, you will have actually robbed them of the satisfaction of achieving independence. Remember, we want to empower those that want to take the bull by the horns, not be lassoed to “Dr Phil” them. Let another business opportunity take on that responsibility, but I would strongly advise against shackling yourself to those types of projects.

It All Starts In The Recruiting Process

It all starts with identifying the effort level of any viable candidate quickly and accurately. This is essential because the pattern will be set by the time they come aboard and you will find yourself to be locked into a high-maintenance mentor rut. Plus, the added bonus of early identification is knowing who not to actively pursue. But how do I determine that so early in the process?

Every manager in any structure feels that the time and effort they provide is rarely valued and often taken for granted. To correct this, there is a method I teach to achieve quick effort identification while at the same time increasing the value of the instruction you provide within the recruiting process. I employ a technique I call an “effort pass-code” and found it to be very helpful. It provides a platform for the candidate to earn your time, creating a partnership rather than a parent child relationship.

Put A Pass-Code On It

“Effort pass-coding” involves finding out what they need from you, and then committing to meet that need on your terms once they complete a related task (earning the effort pass-code) which will allow them to become a vested partner in receiving what they request. If I’m trying to identify a candidate’s true effort level, I will “effort pass-code” as many things as possible. It’s pretty neat because there are so many opportunities to apply the technique.

If for an example, if I am asked to spend some time to discuss the business opportunity specifics or provide answers to marketing questions, I state that I would love to, but I need them to do something to help them prepare. I need them to gather information on the topic, take notes and be prepared to discuss them with me, which will allow our conversation to be far more productive. I then ask them when they believe they can get that done. I schedule a time for them to call me on the deadline they made.

Maybe you have an application process or paperwork that needs to be completed. This is a great way to have them complete those and find out how effort driven they are.

You can find out a lot about a person from how they handle that type of interaction. How far out did they place the deadline? Did they follow through on their commitment? How eager were they to get that done when you placed a little obstacle in the way? Pay attention because this is exactly how they will deal with obstacles in the business if they come onboard. From that information I have found that I can typically place people in one of four effort categories.

The four main effort level categories are:

1. The All Star – High effort, high achiever. Self motivated and desires to be independent.

2. The Talent Tease – Masquerades as if they are an All-Star in order to gain leverage and have you come after them. You chase after their potential but realize that they are not self-driven and in the end, realize that you want success for them more than they want it for themselves.

3. The Jogger – This is more of an analytical person. It’s not bad to have joggers on your team because of their consistency. Their analytical nature makes their sales process longer but they respond to “effort pass-coding” but will typically set the deadlines farther out to make sure they do a good job. They are information gatherers so give them assignments and point them in the right direction. Have a fear of failure so they desire to do it right and their perfectionist nature makes their pace slower.

4. The Eeyore – Yes from Winnie The Pooh. They’ll make you want to rescue them. Don’t do it – just stay away.

So when recruiting, your immediate focus should be to quickly identify the effort level of your candidate or prospective addition to your organization through “effort pass-coding”. Remember that it is not quantity but rather the quality of the individuals added which will drive your revenue. Another added benefit is if your organization has an internal training program and coaching system, which will take a lot of the “heavy lifting” off of you and free you to continue to grow your business. Additionally beneficial is a business, which is positioned where prospects are pursuing you to earn the opportunity to be a part of the organization. This totally alters the scale and gives you the leverage to be more discerning about who you will bring into your sales organization and spend time training.

Though more difficult, most business opportunity processes can be easily tweaked to incorporate these strategies. If not, there are enough good business opportunities out there that have a system and culture that gives you the freedom to determine who you want to work with. As a resource to provide information about identifying the right opportunity for you; read the article “From The Business Chiropractor: Getting Your Business Spine in Line”. It’s was written purely for the purpose of identifying and determining if a business opportunity is the ideal fit for you.

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